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Finished Website!

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Wow! We have a finished website! Finally! A FINISHED website!!!

Relief. Check. Content. Check. Gratitude. Check. Pride. Check.

I made most of this website. From scratch. Without much WordPress knowledge.

I spent hours and hours creating my vision. I asked a ton of questions. At the end of it all, I asked a WordPress pro to go over what I did to make sure I did it correctly. And I had a few minor changes that I wanted him to make. I heard from him about an hour ago and he has finished.

I cannot possibly explain how much longer this road turned out to be than I thought. I have clumsily stumbled through this thing. I have made some mistakes, watched lots of how-to videos, asked many questions, done a ton of research, tried and re-tried many looks, pulled some of my hair out, said a few choice words, and I have finished (Well, not me alone, thanks to my WordPress saviors). I have learned so much and am finally happy with the results.

Now, and most importantly, I hope that you are.

Thank you to the WP volunteers who answered my many questions. Thank you Mr. Henley for helping me complete this project! I appreciate you, more than you know.

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