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New Things!

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Whew, I have been adding lots of new things to the shop! It is so cold outside that it has forced me to stay in and get things accomplished. Who wants to go out into this cold weather? Without snow? Not this girl. Now, if we had snow, then that would be fun and I would have to go out and build a snowman. But that would not be so great for getting things added to the website. So, I’m glad that we have cold weather. Without snow.

I love adding new things because it reminds me of all of the pretty new baubles that I have. I have to admit that, sometimes, I forget what I buy. And I forget how much I love what I buy. Sometimes, a piece just has to go to my jewelry box instead of the For Sale bin. But lately, I have been really good at not keeping anything for myself. After all, there has to be something for y’all to buy.

So, after posting this, I will continue to add more pieces to the website. So please keep checking back. Let me know what you think, what you love, what you want, and any ole’ other thing you just want to say.

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