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Recently Added Items

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I’ve recently added items to the website. And wow – they are incredible! The beaded bohemian look is big right now. So of course, I have some for you. That is, if I can bear to sell it. Ha! I also have some tassled pieces and some fringed pieces. And just some good ole’ basics. So, as always, there is a little something for everyone.

I love these bohemian styled pieces for so many reasons. The biggest is because they remind me of jewelry that was popular when I was a child. So each piece takes me back to a fond memory of fun times in my life. I must admit that I’ve pulled a couple of these pieces aside for myself just because I want to create more fond memories. And you can, too, because there are some incredibly beautiful vintage-inspired pieces that are listed. I’ve also just added a few newly acquired pieces of vintage jewelry, so make sure you check that out. And just in case you want handmade jewelry and other pretty little accessories like vintage handkerchiefs, purses, scarves, and knick-knacks (which I always adore!), I have those lovelies listed, too.

Fill your carts, friends, because Mother’s Day is coming, (it will be here before you know it!) a friend’s birthday and just because you have to splurge for yourself sometimes. And like always, there’s only one of most of these pieces, so don’t wait too long because it may be gone and you’ve missed out. Insert sad face here.

Most importantly, thank you for being a S’leeney’s supporter. I have fun with this business and it’s all because of you. I love that you love this jewelry (and other items, too) as much as I do. Y’all are, after all, the reason that I am here!

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