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Anxiety, Happiness, & Relief!

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Anxiety, happiness, & relief! That is what I have to say. What more can I say?

Y’all, look at my brain! When I took this photo a few weeks ago, I had no idea that I was really taking a photo of my brain (okay, so it’s actually a vintage brooch).

This website creation has been much, much more difficult than I ever thought it would be. It seems as if every single thing that could go wrong has gone wrong. Really. Even the sweet fella who migrated my website told me that most website migrations were smooth, but that mine was a rare exception. Hmmm….

I really am so, so close, though. Once I change one more major thing, I will tell everyone that I know about this website! Then, I will make a few small tweaks. Because I am just picky. But, I am so excited to be thisclose to really, FINALLY, being done!!!

At least with the hard part. Then, I can keep on adding products. I have some beautiful things to add.

Anxiety, Happiness, & Relief!


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