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Sweet Day

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What a sweet day today has been! I am so, so very grateful for today. Don’t get me wrong. I am grateful for every day. But days like today make me especially grateful.

So, I had a show at Somerby today. Somerby is a retirement community here in Birmingham. Y’all, I met the sweetest, genuinely – THE SWEETEST, people today! I met so many ladies with such beautiful stories and lives. I even met a few gentlemen, too.

One lady, Mrs. P., I had met before at a previous show (the Mt. Laurel Fall Festival). She was looking for something specific that I didn’t have that day, so I took it to her a few days later, where she introduced me to her friend, E. I saw both of them today. Each lady greeted me with the sweetest, most heartfelt hug. And after visiting and shopping for a while, they each gave me the sweetest hug before leaving. We decided that I’ll be back soon to have lunch with them.

Another lady who I met today is 91 years old. She visited with me for a while. After hearing some of her stories about growing up, I’m pretty sure that her father knew, or at least knew of, my grandfather. They were in related businesses and I’d be surprised if their paths had not crossed at some point. She made me crack up out loud at a few comments!

Another lady, Mrs. P, was teasing me about not accepting debit/credit cards. Once I told her that I did, she said “Awww well, then give me one second and I will be back!!!”. She was so sweet and hilarious!

I met a man who has quite the mischievous nickname. He was in the army and a mail carrier for 35 years. He is a pistol! I just know that he gets into trouble every now and then, but only in a good way, of course. And Mrs. P. told me later that he is a dancer!

And every single employee at Somerby was delightful! They just could not have been any nicer. I got the feeling that they genuinely love the people living there as though they are their own family members, which is always such a sweet and comforting feeling.

My sales were good today. But more importantly, I met some new friends who will hold a place in my heart for as long as I am here. We all cross paths every day. So many days, we don’t really stop and talk to new people. It’s easy to get busy and go on with our days. Today, I was reminded of so many things. Of Papoo and how very lucky I was to have him in my life. Of my uncle who is in a retirement community now and how wonderful he has always been to me and how I need to visit him more. And of my husband’s grandmother, who I also need to visit more often. And finally, today reminded me of how much we can learn from people before us. The stories are fascinating. The history is amazing. And the people are just… the absolute best ever. We can learn so, so much from each and every one of them if we just take the time. Those lessons are not ones from a classroom or a book, but are so much more important (in my opinion). Those are the lessons that we carry forever, should we choose to do so.

So, today has been the best day that I’ve had in a while. I feel as though I made some wonderful new friends and will most definitely be back to visit. I will be visiting my Uncle B soon and Nanny, too.

Ok, enough sappiness.

Have a wonderful night and weekend and thanks for reading about my sweet day!

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