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Gold and Pink Brooch Set


This gold and pink brooch set is simply stunning! The design is so pretty and the colors are, too. It makes a loud but delicate statement.

This vintage brooch and earring set is made of gold metal, pink cabochons, peridot stones, white faux pearls and gold detail. The brooch and earrings are round gold open-weave designs embellished with gold ball detail. The brooch has three baby pink cabochons, three marquise-shaped peridot stones and three white pearls surrounding a larger round white pearl. There are small round peridot stones scattered about. The pin is approximately 1/3 from the top of the brooch. The earrings have a large marquise-shaped peridot stone towards the top. There is one small peridot stone on each side at the center of this large peridot stone. Towards the bottom of the large peridot stone, there is one baby pink cabochon on each side. Under the large peridot stone in the middle, there is a round pearl. This set is a Sarah Coventry set. Each piece is signed with the copyright symbol and “SARAH COV”. This set was named “Fashion Splendor”. It was featured in 1970’s “Sarah fashions magic from a walk in the wild” advertisement*.

The brooch in this gold and pink brooch set is 2.75″ in diameter. The earrings are 1.25″ in diameter. They have clip backs.

* This information came from “Collecting Costume Jewelry 202” by Julia C. Carroll. Page 294.


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