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Gold and Pink Brooch Set
This gold and pink brooch set is simply stunning! The design is so pretty and the colors are, too. It makes a loud but delicate statement. This vintage brooch and earring set is made of gold metal, pink cabochons, peridot stones, white faux pearls and gold detail. The brooch and earrings are round gold open-weave designs embellished with gold ball detail. The brooch has three baby pink cabochons, three marquise-shaped peridot stones and three white pearls surrounding a larger round white pearl. There are small round peridot stones scattered about. The pin is approximately 1/3 from the top of the brooch. The earrings have a large marquise-shaped peridot stone towards the top. There is one small peridot stone on each side at the center of this large peridot stone. Towards the bottom of the large peridot stone, there is one baby pink cabochon on each side. Under the large peridot stone in the middle, there is a round pearl. This set is a Sarah Coventry set. Each piece is signed with the copyright symbol and "SARAH COV". This set was named "Fashion Splendor". It was featured in 1970's "Sarah fashions magic from a walk in the wild" advertisement*. The brooch in this gold and pink brooch set is 2.75" in diameter. The earrings are 1.25" in diameter. They have clip backs. * This information came from "Collecting Costume Jewelry 202" by Julia C. Carroll. Page 294.  
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Gold Flower Brooch Set,Sarah Coventry, Sarah Coventry Brooch and Earrings, Signed Sarah Coventry Jewelry, Gold Flower Jewelry
Gold Flower Brooch Set
This gold flower brooch set is so pretty! It is basic and simple, but not boring. It would be beautiful worn with a brightly-colored blouse or dress. This vintage brooch and earring set is made of gold metal. The flowers have have petals on the bottom that are a smooth and slightly brighter gold. The petals on the top are a brushed gold. The pistil has a knobby gold texture. This set is a Sarah Coventry set. The brooch is signed with the copyright symbol followed by "SARAH COV". The earrings are each signed with the copyright symbol followed by "SARAH COV" at the top of the clips. They are also signed "PAT. PEND." in the middle of the clips. The brooch in this gold flower brooch set is 2.25" in diameter. The pin is located approximately 1/3 from the top. The earrings are 1.25" in diameter. They have clip backs. * The earrings have slight discoloring on the clips due to age.  
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Leaf Bracelet, Sarah Coventry Bracelet, Signed Sarah Coventry Jewelry, Sarah Coventry Bracelet, Leaves Jewelry, Silver and Gold Leaves, Leaves Bracelet
Leaves Bracelet
This leaves bracelet is such a wonderful piece if jewelry to own for several reasons. The first is because it is silver and gold, so whichever you prefer to wear, you are covered. The second is because it is simple, but not at all boring. And lastly, it's a great piece to own because it is vintage! It will never go out of style. This bracelet is made of silver metal and gold metal and gold hardware. It has six links of leaves that connect with silver connectors. Each link has two rows of one silver and one gold leaf per row. Furthermore, this SARAH COVENTRY bracelet is signed twice. Once on the bottom side of the gold fold-over clasp and once on the bottom side of the last link of leaves. Each signature is "SARAH COV". In conclusion, this leaves bracelet is .6" wide (at its widest point) and 7.8" long, including the .5" long fold-over clasp.  
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Peach Brooch, Sarah Coventry Brooch, Sarah Coventry, Vintage Brooch, Sarah Cov, vintage jewelry, Signed Brooch
Peach Brooch
This peach brooch is so pretty! We love the design. It is elegant and timeless. This brooch will complete an outfit with ease and grace. This vintage brooch is made of peach beads and gold (some of the gold is textured). It is a leaf surrounded by peach flower buds. The gold leaf sets the design of this brooch. It gracefully lays across from one end to the other. There is one peach flower bud on the right side of the brooch (when wearing it) that sits above the base of the leaf. There are two peach flower buds that sit two the side of the middle and below the top of the leaf on the left side of the brooch (when wearing it). The gold of the leaf has a texture. This brooch is signed with a copyright symbol followed by "SARAH COV" on the leaf to the right side of the brooch (when wearing it). This peach brooch is 3.5" wide (at its widest point) and 1.1" tall (at its tallest point). It is gold-based. The pin is in the center of the brooch.  
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Pearl Chains Necklace, Pearls Necklace, Pearls & Chains Necklace, Repurposed Necklace, Repurposed Jewelry, Vintage Parts, Sarah Coventry, Sarah Cov
Pearl Chains Necklace
A unique statement piece of jewelry is a staple in every girl's wardrobe, especially one like this pearl chains necklace! I love this one because it is the only one like it. And because it is so dramatic in a classic way. I also love it because it will be beautiful worn to a formal event or with jeans and a t-shirt. This necklace is made of a vintage pearl and rhinestone medallion, vintage gold chains, vintage pearled chains, and gold hardware. Each end of this necklace is made of a thicker, textured gold chain. This chain leads to the gold and pearled chains, which lead to the pearl and rhinestone medallion. Also, this is a signed Sarah Coventry brooch. This necklace is gold and silver based. All of the chains are gold and the medallion is silver. This pearl chains necklace is .75" wide (as it lays naturally) and 17.25" long, including the lobster clasp and ring, which are .5" long. The medallion is 2.25" wide and 2.5" tall. Lastly, S'leeney's Vintage repurposed this necklace.  
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