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White Prairie Skirt


This white prairie skirt is such a great piece of clothing to own for several reason. One, and most importantly, it is pretty! A second is that it is easy and comfortable to wear. Throw it on and go. A third is that it is simple without being boring. The lace and embroidered details provide just the right amount of oomph. And last, it is white, so it goes with everything.

This vintage skirt is made of white broadcloth material and white lace. The waistband is a decorative elastic one. The skirt is full and has one ruffle at the bottom. There are two vertical rows of lace on the front and back sides. There is one horizontal zig-zag row of lace in the middle of the skirt. Embroidered flowers lay between these rows of lace above and below the zig-zag row. The bottom hem is trimmed in white scalloped lace. There are no labels or tags. This skirt will need a slip.

Condition: Good. There is a tear where the lace meets the skirt on the zig-zag row. It looks as if the lace has stretched away from the material. There is a tear in the scalloped lace trim on the hem. These are barely visible due to the fullness of the skirt.

Waist: 11″ (not stretched)

Hips: Open

Length: 28.5″ (including the scalloped lace)

These measurements were taken with the white prairie skirt laying flat.


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