White Flowers Pendant Necklace


Every girl must have a simple but stunning piece of jewelry in her wardrobe, especially one like this white flowers pendant necklace! I love this one because it is the only one like it. And because it makes a strong statement with a sense of simplicity and grace. I also love it because it will be beautiful worn alone or stacked with other necklaces.

This necklace is made of a small gold chain, an embellished pendant, and gold hardware. White and gold flowers, stems and leaves, rhinestones, and white shell cabochons lying on top of a gold filigree base make up the pendant. A small chain holds this pendant. Lastly, this necklace is yellow gold-based.

This white flowers pendant necklace is 18.5″ long, including the spring clasp and rind, which are .5″ long. And finally, the pendant is 1.25″ wide and hangs an additional 1.75″. Lastly, S’leeney’s Vintage repurposed this necklace using vintage parts.


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