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Walborg Black Purse


We absolutely love this Walborg black purse! It is so simple and so pretty. It is a black purse made of a matte, black, and smooth material and a gold closure and clasp. The inside is black satin. There is a pocket on the inside. The purse has a tag on the upper, right side of the pocket. The tag is white with yellow writing. It states “Walborg HAND MADE IN HONG KONG”. The Walborg name is in script.

This Walborg black purse is 9.75″ wide (at its widest point) and 6.5″ tall, including the clasp, which is .5″ tall. This purse opens to a 5″ depth.

* The chain is no longer with the purse. But one can easily be added as the clasp rings are still intact.


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