Pink Fabric Flower Necklace


We adore this pink fabric flower necklace! It is graceful and elegant, but fun, too.

This necklace is made of vintage components, off-white pearls, a pink bead, a mocha bead, and vintage material. There are three strands of pearls, each longer than the other. One side (the right side when wearing it) of the necklace has pink vintage material for length, a vintage gold and topaz embellished pendant, off-white pearls, and a pink bead, all leading to the strands of pearls. The other side (the left side when wearing it) has a fabric flower made from the pink vintage material tied to the strands of pearls. This necklace is gold-based.

This pink fabric flower necklace is 2″ wide (at its widest point, the flower) and 29.5″ long (measured at the longest strand of pearls), including the spring clasp and extension chain, which are 3.25″ long. This necklace was handmade by S’leeney’s.


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