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Pink Circle Brooch


This pink circle brooch is so classic and pretty! It will never go out of style, either. This would be stunning with a crisp black or chocolate blouse or dress.

This vintage brooch is made of pink topaz rhinestones, gold filigree embellishments and gold hardware. The brooch is a round design made of 20 baby pink topaz rhinestones. There is a flower places on the left side of the brooch. The flower has a gold stem that falls under the topaz rhinestones. The petals are gold filigree parts. There are four petals. The flower itself is a baby pink topaz rhinestone. It falls at the center of the top of the circle, just under it. Each of the pink topaz rhinestones are set with gold prongs. The stones of the circle are set with four prongs and the stone that is the flower is set with 10 prongs. This brooch is gold-based.

The pink circle brooch is 1.4″ wide (at its widest point) and 1.25″ tall. The pin is places toward the top, where the top of the flower is.


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