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Green Sapphire Brooch Set


This green sapphire brooch set is absolutely stunning! The colors are amazing and the design is, too. This will be beautiful with a crisp black or white outfit.

This vintage brooch and earrings set is made of two different shades of pale green sapphire gemstones, peridot green gemstones, milky green and white cabochons, gold detail and gold hardware. The milky white and green cabochons are textured with a discreet line design. The brooch has two layers of stones. The bottom layer is the shape of a plus sign. The ends rise just slightly above the middle. These stones are marquise-shaped and round. The top layer is the shape of an x. These ends fall just slightly lower than its middle. These stones are teardrop-shaped and round. The center is a round green sapphire gemstone. Every stone is set with four prongs. The earrings are made of one marquise-shaped green sapphire stone, one milky green and white cabochon, two small round peridot stones, one baguette green sapphire stone and gold detail. This set is gold-based.

The brooch in this green sapphire brooch set 2.25″ wide and tall. The earrings are .7″ wide (at their widest point) and 1.3″ tall. They have clip backs.


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