Black Glass Beaded Necklace


Black jewelry is such a staple, especially when it is as pretty as this black glass beaded necklace! A girl just cannot go wrong with this vintage beauty. Wear it alone or wear it stacked with other necklaces. Especially a rhinestone necklace. What a glamorous statement that would be!

Black glass faceted beads, rhinestone beads, black thread and silver hardware make up this necklace. There is a knot between every bead as this keeps the beads from all falling off if broken (a sign of well-made jewelry, by the way). Four rhinestoned beads accentuate the center portion of this necklace. Finally, a bronze hook clasp that states “GERMANY” is at the end, along with extension beads.

In conclusion, this black glass beaded necklace is .5″ wide (at its widest point) and 18.4″ long, including the hook clasp and extension beads, which are 3.5″ long.


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