Black Flower Earrings


An original piece of jewelry is every girl’s necessity, especially one like these black flower earrings! I love these because they are a one-of-a-kind pair. And because they are simple enough o go with any outfit, but are not too bold.

These earrings are made of black flowers, gold filigree bases and gold hardware. Each earring has one black flower made of six marquise-shaped petals and a round faceted pistil. Four prongs secure each of the cabochons. A flat, round, gold filigree piece serves as the base for the flowers. Furthermore, these earrings are yellow gold-based. Finally, they were made by S’leeney’s using vintage parts.

These black flower earrings are 1″ wide and 1.75″ long, including the fish hook, which is .75″ long.


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