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Amber Jewelry Box


This amber jewelry box is absolutely stunning! It is sometimes called a jewelry casket. I was told that jewelry caskets were made to hold pearls, specifically.

This vintage jewelry casket is made of amber glass and ornate gilt-bronze. The casket has five beveled amber window panels, one on each side and one on the top. The panels on the sides are rectangular and the one on top is round. The top panel has a detailed gilt-bronze iris that lies in the center. The casket opens with a flourishing-designed handle that lies on the front in the center. The top is hinged in the back. Each of the amber panels are set with small gilt-bronze prongs. The gilt-bronze is embellished with flowers on each side of the casket. The interior of this jewelry casket is lined with mustard-colored velveteen material. This lining is lightly padded and is set with five rows of small bronze buttons. Three of the rows have three buttons and two rows have four buttons. The exterior bottom side of this casket is also lined with this velveteen material. There are four gilt-bronze legs that support this casket. The legs are embellished with a flourishing design.

This amber jewelry box is approximately 4.75″ wide and 4.5″ tall (including the iris on the top and the legs. The casket itself is 2.5″ tall. The legs are 1.25″ tall and the iris is .75″ tall.), and 4.75″ deep.

This is in exceptional shape. There are no scratches, cracks, or tears, etc.


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