Orange Flower Scarf, Flower Scarf, Flower Print Scarf
Orange Flower Scarf
We love this orange flower scarf! The abstract flower design is stunning; it looks like a watercolor painting. We also love the color combination. Everything about it is so pretty. This scarf is made of polyester material (it feels like satin). The print is of orange flowers (some are outlined in black) among an abstract green, blue, turquoise, black, and white print. There are subtle stripes in this scarf. All of the stripes are the same material, but some are transparent. This orange flower scarf is 13.25" wide and 59" long.  
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Turquoise Print Scarf
We absolutely love this turquoise print scarf! It is so pretty and bright. The color combination is one of our favorites. This vintage scarf has a turquoise background with a white striped trim. The white trim is filled with red polka dots and is edged with two thin black lines. There are eight clusters of flowers along this white trim. The flowers are red, white, and pink flowers; sunshine yellow flowers; turquoise flowers; white flowers; and yellow and white flowers. The leaves and stems are grass-green. The body of the scarf has small white and yellow flowers with stems and leaves. This scarf has small flowers engraved into the material. This turquoise print scarf is 30" by 35" square. This is rayon material.  
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