La Regale Gold Purse, Vintage Purse, La Regale, Beaded Purse, Retro Purse, Gold Purse
La Regale Gold Purse
This La Regale gold purse is stunning! It is definitely a statement piece. This purse is made of gold bugle beads that join together to form diamonds. Both sides of this purse are beaded in the same design. It has a muted golden yellow interior with one open pocket. The label is one the side of the pocket. This purse has a gold chain for a strap. This La Regale gold purse is 7.2" wide (at its widest point) and 5.75" tall, including the clasp, which is .6" tall. The chain is 38" long.  
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Lavender Jewelry Tray,Flower Jewelry Tray,Jewelry Bowl, Ceramic Dish,Flower Jewelry Tray
Lavender Jewelry Tray
This lavender jewelry tray is so pretty and sweet! It is perfect to hold your small earrings. It is small itself, but deep, considering its size. This vintage tray is made of ceramic and paint. The tray has a scalloped trim along the top and an open lattice design around the side. The tray is white with two lavender flowers in the middle. The lavender flowers are surrounded by green leaves and yellow flowers. The scalloped top edge and beneath the open lattice work are trimmed in tiny green dots. There are no chips, cracks, or any other damage. This lavender jewelry tray is 2.75" in diameter at the top of the tray. The bottom of the tray is 1.4" in diameter. The tray is .75" high.  
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Multicolored Shoe Bows, Shoe Bows, Shoe Clips
Multicolored Shoe Bows
Multicolored Shoe Bows: Vintage shoe bows made of various colored grosgrain ribbon and gold hardware. They're still on their original packaging! Dimensions: 1.9" in diameter  
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Navy Purse, Vintage Navy Purse, Garay, Garay Purse, Blue Purse, Dark Blue Purse
Navy Purse
This navy purse is such a pretty one! It is elegant and sophisticated. Wear it with just about any outfit. It will complete it with grace and class. This vintage purse is made of navy satin material, silver piping and silver hardware. The purse is entirely covered in navy blue satin material. The top has a marquise-shaped silver and rhinestone clasp. It has one large marquise-shaped rhinestone in the middle. This rhinestone is surrounded by tiny round rhinestones. The interior of the purse is also navy material. There are two open pockets on the back side of the purse. One even has a mirror! The bottom pocket is trimmed with silver piping. This purse is tagged "Garay". The purse has a navy satin strap. This navy purse is 7.5" wide (at its widest point) and 5.75" tall, including the clasp, which is .4" tall. It opens to a 6" depth. The strap is .4" wide and 14" long.  
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Neutrals Flower Belt, Fabric Flower Belt, Black and White Belt, Satin Belt
Neutrals Flower Belt
We love this neutrals flower belt! It makes such a pretty statement while being easy and comfortable to wear. This belt is made of satin fabric flowers, white pearl beads, and satin ribbon. There are six fabric flowers clustered together in the middle of the belt. They form an oval shape. Two of the flowers are black, two are white, and two are light taupe. Each flower has a pistil of white pearl beads. Each flower was individually hand sewn, then hand sewn to the base of the flowered section (which is a satin-covered piece of felt). This base was then hand sewn to the satin ribbon. And then, the back of the flowered section was covered in white satin. This neutrals flower belt is 72" long. The flowered section is 8.75" wide and 5.25" tall. This belt was handmade by S'leeney's.  
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Orange Flower Scarf, Flower Scarf, Flower Print Scarf
Orange Flower Scarf
We love this orange flower scarf! The abstract flower design is stunning; it looks like a watercolor painting. We also love the color combination. Everything about it is so pretty. This scarf is made of polyester material (it feels like satin). The print is of orange flowers (some are outlined in black) among an abstract green, blue, turquoise, black, and white print. There are subtle stripes in this scarf. All of the stripes are the same material, but some are transparent. This orange flower scarf is 13.25" wide and 59" long.  
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Painted Brooch, Hand Painted Brooch, Vintage Brooch, Flower Brooch
Painted Brooch
We love this pretty painted brooch! It was a common practice for ladies to paint glass and such back in the day. This painted brooch is a great example of that craft. This vintage brooch is hand painted with yellow flowers on stems. The base is ceramic, we believe. There is a gold filigree trim around the brooch. This brooch is gold-based. This round painted brooch is 1.25" in circumference. The pin is in the middle of the brooch.  
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Peach Brooch, Sarah Coventry Brooch, Sarah Coventry, Vintage Brooch, Sarah Cov, vintage jewelry, Signed Brooch
Peach Brooch
This peach brooch is so pretty! We love the design. It is elegant and timeless. This brooch will complete an outfit with ease and grace. This vintage brooch is made of peach beads and gold (some of the gold is textured). It is a leaf surrounded by peach flower buds. The gold leaf sets the design of this brooch. It gracefully lays across from one end to the other. There is one peach flower bud on the right side of the brooch (when wearing it) that sits above the base of the leaf. There are two peach flower buds that sit two the side of the middle and below the top of the leaf on the left side of the brooch (when wearing it). The gold of the leaf has a texture. This brooch is signed with a copyright symbol followed by "SARAH COV" on the leaf to the right side of the brooch (when wearing it). This peach brooch is 3.5" wide (at its widest point) and 1.1" tall (at its tallest point). It is gold-based. The pin is in the center of the brooch.  
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Pearl Bow Barrette, Bow Barrette, Pearl Barrette
Pearl Bow Barrette
Pearl Bow Barrette: Made of tiny white pearls and gold hardware. Dimensions: 1.5" wide .65" tall
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Pink Circle Brooch, Pink Topaz Brooch, Pink Brooch, Flower Brooch, Pink Flower Brooch, Vintage Pink Brooch, Pink Rhinestone Brooch
Pink Circle Brooch
This pink circle brooch is so classic and pretty! It will never go out of style, either. This would be stunning with a crisp black or chocolate blouse or dress. This vintage brooch is made of pink topaz rhinestones, gold filigree embellishments and gold hardware. The brooch is a round design made of 20 baby pink topaz rhinestones. There is a flower places on the left side of the brooch. The flower has a gold stem that falls under the topaz rhinestones. The petals are gold filigree parts. There are four petals. The flower itself is a baby pink topaz rhinestone. It falls at the center of the top of the circle, just under it. Each of the pink topaz rhinestones are set with gold prongs. The stones of the circle are set with four prongs and the stone that is the flower is set with 10 prongs. This brooch is gold-based. The pink circle brooch is 1.4" wide (at its widest point) and 1.25" tall. The pin is places toward the top, where the top of the flower is.  
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Pink Flower Belt, Fabric Flower Belt, Pink Belt, Fabric Flowers
Pink Flower Belt
We love this pink flower belt! It is so simple, but pretty. It would be the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. This belt is made of a pink fabric flower and black satin ribbon. The flower is a pale pink broadcloth material that was hand sewn, then hand sewn to the satin ribbon. Handmade by S'leeney's. This pink flower belt is 75.5" long. The fabric flower is 5" wide and 5.25" tall (at its widest points). The ribbon is 1.45" wide.  
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Pink Lingerie Bag, Barbizon Bag, Barbizon, Hosiery Bag, Lingerie Bag, Graduation Gift, Travel Bag, Travel, Vintage Hosiery Bag, Vintage Lingerie Bag
Pink Lingerie Bag
This pink lingerie bag is so pretty! It is delicate, just like the underthings that you carry inside it. I was excited to find this. It had been a long time since I had seen one. It's a perfect gift for the new high school or college graduate. This vintage lingerie bag is made of white lace, a pale pink rayon-blended material (with a satin-like feel), faux white pearls and silver hardware. The base layer is the pale pink rayon-blended material (50% nylon, 27% rayon and 23% polyester). It is covered with white lace. The front flap is embellished with small round faux white pearls. The bag is trimmed in a pale pink scalloped design. There are two tags on the inside of the bag. One states the care instructions and style number. The other states the brand name "Barbizon". There is a silver snap that closes this lingerie bag at the bottom of the front flap. This pink lingerie bag is 10" wide and 5.75" tall, closed. When opened, it is 10.5" tall. It has a flexible depth as there are no hard materials to keep it from opening, but 6" depth is as far as I would open it (without force).  
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Pink Print Scarf, Japanese Scarf, Vintage Scarf, Silken Sheen Scarf
Pink Print Scarf
We love this pink print scarf! The colors are so pretty and the design is remarkable. This vintage scarf has a white background. The Japanese design is pink, blue, and yellow lined in black. There are two people playing musical instruments. One is riding a horse and while the other is leading the horse. There is another man who appears to be chanting with birds. These scenes are among trees, plants, and buildings. The edges are rolled. This pink print scarf is 27" wide by 28.75" wide. This scarf is transparent chiffon. The tag states that it is a silken sheen chiffon that is made in Japan. * There is one 1" area where the rolled edge has frayed a small bit. There is a 2" area where the edge has loosened a small bit on the under side of the scarf. The tag has frayed on both ends.  
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Pink Rhinestone Brooch, Pink Brooch, Pink Sapphire Brooch, Ruby Brooch, Amethyst Brooch, Pink and Red Brooch, Pink and Purple Brooch, Purple Brooch, Red Brooch
Pink Rhinestone Brooch
This pink rhinestone brooch is absolutely stunning! The photos just do not do it justice. Wear this with a neutral cardigan for your everyday style or with a turquoise cardigan for some sass. The possibilities are limitless! This vintage brooch is made of pink rhinestones, amethyst rhinestones, ruby rhinestones, and gold detail. The pink rhinestones are a vibrant berry fuchsia color. The amethyst stones are a true purple and the ruby stones are a true deep red. All of the rhinestones are faceted. This brooch is centered around three larger amethyst rhinestones. One is round, one is oval and the third is diamond-shaped. These stones are surrounded by marquise-shaped ruby and amethyst rhinestones and round ruby and amethyst rhinestones, all in various sizes. The rhinestones join together to form a sweeping fan shape. All of the rhinestones are set with gold prongs. The pin is placed in the center of the brooch. This brooch is bright gold-based. This pink rhinestone brooch is 2.75" wide (at its widest point) and 1.75" tall.  
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Red Flower Belt, Fabric Flower Belt, Flower Belt, Alabama, Football, Gameday, Team Spirit, Game Day
Red Flower Belt
We adore this red flower belt! It is such a statement piece and a fun way to complete an outfit. It would be great for football game days in Alabama, too! This belt has six flowers made of broadcloth material and various beads. Three of the flowers are red, two are black and white gingham checked, and one is white. Each flower has beaded pistils. The red flowers have white pearl pistils, the black and white flowers have red and white pearl beaded pistils, and the white flower has a red and black beaded pistil. These flowers cluster together to form an oblong shape. They are surrounded by red and white feathers. The cluster is backed with black felt material, which has been hand sewn to the ribbon. This red flower belt is 86.5" long (room to tie a pretty bow in the back!). The ribbon is 1.5" wide. The clusters of flowers are 3.8" wide (at their widest point) and 10.75" long. This belt was handmade by S'leeney's.  
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Rhinestone Bow Comb, Bow Comb, Hair Combs, Hair Bow
Rhinestone Bow Comb
Rhinestone Bow Comb: Made of tiny rhinestones and silver metal. Dimensions: 2.5" wide 1.75" tall  
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Rhinestone Brooch, Vintage Brooch, Vintage Jewelry, Retro Brooch
Rhinestone Brooch
This rhinestone brooch is so pretty! It is elegant and timeless. It perfectly depicts the ladies of yesterday. This vintage broach is made of rhinestones in various sizes and shapes. There are large round rhinestones, smaller round rhinestones, and large marquise-shaped rhinestones. These stones going together to form a wave and circle design. There is a circle on the left side of the brooch. There are two rows of rhinestones that form this design. The top row is made of the larger stones. The bottom row is made of the smaller stones. It does not extend the length of the entire brooch; it is only on the right side of the brooch. There is a marquise-shaped rhinestone inside the circle and at the end on the right side. This brooch is silver-based. This rhinestone brooch is 2.5" wide (at its widest point) and 1.5" tall. The pin is at the top of the brooch.  
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Rhinestone Hair Combs, Hair Combs, Rhinestone Wings, Rhinestone Feathers
Rhinestone Hair Combs
Rhinestone Hair Combs: Made of small rhinestones and silver metal. The combs are placed in the middle of the wings and are small.  
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Richere Gold Purse, Vintage Purse, Gold Purse, Beaded Purse, Richere
Richere Gold Purse
This Richere gold purse is absolutely stunning! It is most definitely a statement purse. This purse is made of gold satin covered with gold beads. On the front of the purse, the beads join to form four leaves and two flowers. The back side of the purse is adorned with tiny designs of three gold beads. The edges are lined with two rows of gold beads. The interior is also gold satin and has an open pocket. The label is one the bottom left side of the (interior) pocket. There is a small gold chain that can be used or hidden inside for a clutch effect. This Richere gold purse is 8.25" wide (at its widest point) and 5.3" tall, including the clasp, which is .7" tall. The chain is 12" long.  
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Silver Flower Brooch, Vintage Flower Brooch, Vintage Silver Brooch
Silver Flower Brooch
This silver flower brooch is one of my favorite pieces! I think it would be so elegant and beautiful pinned onto a black dress. It would also be pretty used hold a scarf into place. This vintage brooch is made of silver metal. The petals are a brushed silver and the pistils are smooth round silver. There are two layers of petals, one slightly lower than the other. The petals on the bottom graduate in size and flow to the side. The petals on the top are approximately the same size and circle the pistils. The pistils stem in the middle of the flower and sit just above the petals. This silver flower brooch is 2.25" wide (at its widest point) and 2.25" tall (at its tallest point). The pin is just below the middle of the brooch.  
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Silver Purse, Silver Clutch, Vintage Silver Purse, Silver Clutch Purse
Silver Purse
A lady can never go wrong with a silver purse, especially this one! First, it is simple, yet elegant. Second, it will dress up any cocktail dress or add sass to jeans and a blouse. And last, it is timeless and it will never go out of style. So, you just need to purchase this classic beauty because it is a must have! This vintage purse is made of silver material (lame', I believe), black material and silver hardware. The silver material completely covers the exterior of the purse. It closes with a silver two leaf-shaped metal fold-over clasp. Also, black material completely covers the interior. Finally, there is a silver chain strap that can be used or tucked inside. In conclusion, this silver purse is 9.5" wide (at its widest point), 5.5" tall, 1.5" deep and opens to a 5" depth.  
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Straw Clutch, Straw Purse, Clutch Purse, Summer Purse, Jute Clutch, Jute Purse
Straw Clutch
Straw Clutch: Made of mint, navy, white and natural jute straw material, linen material (interior), and silver hardware. Dimensions: 10.75" wide 7.75" tall 5.5" opening depth  
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Three Ladies Handkerchiefs, Vintage Handkerchiefs, Ladies Handkerchief
Three Ladies Handkerchiefs
Three Ladies Handkerchiefs: Three brand new ladies handkerchiefs. These are in their original box and have never been unrolled or used.  
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Turquoise and White Scarf, Turquoise Print Scarf, Vintage Scarf, White Print Scarf, Geometric Scarf
Turquoise and White Scarf
This turquoise & white scarf is so pretty! It is bright and cheerful without being obnoxious. The pattern is great, too! This vintage scarf has a middle that is a turquoise background with a white print. This middle is next to a small, solid turquoise line, then a white stripe with a turquoise print. The edge is a smaller, solid turquoise stripe. This turquoise & white scarf is 32.25" by 31" square. It has a satin feel to it.
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