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Whiting & Davis Purse


This Whiting & Davis purse is breathtaking! It is such an elegant and timeless purse that will never go out of style. Whiting & Davis was established in 1876 and is still in demand today. They are especially known for their gold mesh. This purse shows why – for their timeless beauty and quality.

This vintage purse is made of gold mesh, a gold metal frame, gold chain, rhinestones, gold coil, and lining material. The front and back sides are gold mesh. The purse is attached to the frame by small gold coil. The purse frame is a deep gold metal and is a scalloped design. The fold-over closure sits on the front side and in the middle of the frame. It is embellished with numerous rhinestones. There are four baguette rhinestones and 17 round rhinestones. Six round rhinestones are on top of the baguettes and 11 are below the baguettes. The interior is a deep apricot material. There is one pocket on the back side of the purse. The tag is attached to the upper left side of the pocket. The chain strap is a deep, antique gold metal.

The interior tag states “MESH WHITING & DAVIS CO. BAGS TRADE MARK REG MADE IN U.S.A.”. The frame is stamped with “MADE IN THE U.S.A.” and “WHITING & DAVIS CO. BAGS” and “2924” on the front and back sides (of the frame).

This Whiting & Davis purse is 8.75″ wide (at its widest point), 4.5″ tall (at its tallest point), and 3.5″ deep (measured where the material is attached to the frame). The chain strap is .1″ wide and 10.5″ long.

* It looks as though the lining has been re-sewn to the frame on the front right side.

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