Shell Earrings


These shell earrings are so fun and pretty! The shape and the colors are so simple that these will go with just about any outfit. The flower design on them just makes them extra special and unique. These earrings remind me of some that my mom had in the late 1970’s.

These earrings are made of shells, gold overlay and silver hardware. The shells are round. They are cream, white and khaki marbled together. The gold overlay is a flower design. The flowers appear to be chrysanthemums. There are stems, leaves and even a butterfly among the chrysanthemums. These earrings are gold and silver-based. The design is gold and the hardware is silver. We like this because you can wear these with both metals.

These shell earrings are 1.95″ wide and 2.75″ long, including the hardware, which is .8″ long. They are for pierced ears (hooks).


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