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Gold Pleated Purse


This gold pleated purse is one of my favorites! It is strong but in a delicate and timeless way. This will complete just about any outfit.

This vintage purse is made of gold lame’ material, tan material, rhinestones, a gold chain and gold hardware. The purse is made of gold lame’ material that is pleated throughout. The pleats are in diagonal patterns that intersect with each other. The gold clasp runs along the top of the purse. There is a gold metal flap that folds over the clasp and closes. This flap has a flowered design across its front side. The flowers have tiny rhinestone pistils. The chain strap can be worn outside or it can be tucked inside the purse for use as a clutch. The purse is lined with a tan material that has light padding. There is one open pocket on the back side of the interior. There is a tag along this pocket wall that states “MADE IN CHINA”. There is an oval tag on the bottom wall that states “La Regale”.

This gold pleated purse is 9″ wide (at its widest point) and 5.75″ tall with the gold flap closed over the clasp. It is 6.5″ tall with the gold flap open. The purse is 3.5″ deep. The strap is .1″ wide and 43″ long.


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