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Frosted White Beaded Purse


This frosted white beaded purse is beautiful! It is absolutely stunning. It is timeless and classy. The design and beads are impeccable. This purse is perfect for the bride’s special day, too.

This vintage purse is made of frosted white bugle beads and round beads, white satin, a gold chain and gold hardware. The entire purse is covered with frosted white beads. There is a swirling Jacobean-inspired design on the front and back sides of the purse. The bugle beads create the shape of this design. There is a swirling design, also created from the use of bugle beads, on the top flap of the purse. The inside of the purse is fully lined with white satin material. There is one open pocket on the back side of the purse. There is a tag stitched to the front of the pocket. The tag states the brand, “Accessory Lady”. This purse has a long gold chain for a strap. You can tuck the strap inside to wear it as a clutch. The purse is framed with a gold closure. The top flap is lined with a gold metal base. The clasp is attached to the front of this top flap.

This frosted white beaded purse is 7″ wide and 4.75″ high, with the top flap closed. With the top flap open, it is 5.75″ high. The chain strap is 1″ around and 43″ long. The purse opens to a 4.5″ depth (without stretching it too much).


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