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Brown Skirt Suit


This brown skirt suit is so pretty. I love it for several reasons: one is that it is versatile. Wear it together or separate (this top would look fantastic with skinny jeans!). Another is the color. It is just a classic chocolate brown, which I love. I also love the print. You just cannot go wrong with circles and stripes. And last, it is just a pretty outfit that’s also easy. Throw it on and go!

This blouse and skirt are made of polyester material and hardware. The skirt has an elastic waist. The blouse has a zipper (19″ long) that runs from the center of the neck in the back. There is also a hook clasp at the neck. The skirt and blouse are a deep chocolate brown with cream accents. The blouse, skirt and belt are covered with small open circles. The blouse has stripes on the sleeves, collar and around the neck. The skirt has one small label that reads “FRONT”.

Condition: Excellent. There are no visible marks or flaws. The elastic in the skirt is still good, but could possibly be replaced, depending on how tight you want it to fit.


Bust: 20″

Waist: 19″

Length: 25.5″

Sleeves: 6.5″ wide with a 2.5″ inseam


Waist: 12″ unstretched

Hips: 18.75″

Length: 25″

Belt: .9″ wide and 63.5″ long.

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