Blue Brooch


This blue brooch is absolutely stunning! It speaks volumes all on its own. Wear it with a simple pair of small diamond earrings and that is all you need. The colors of the beads are truly amazing as they catch many colors in the light. And to make them even better, each bead is topped with a tiny rhinestone. Also, the bride who wants to have her own special bridal blue is the perfect candidate for this stunning brooch!

This brooch is made of blue crystal beads, blue beads, rhinestones and gold hardware. There are six faceted blue crystal beads that alternate with 10 blue beads. The blue beads have a shimmering gold paint that is slightly worn. Every bead has a tiny rhinestone on the top end that is held by four prongs. Finally, the pin is placed on the back of the brooch towards the top.

In conclusion, this blue brooch is 2″ in diameter.


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