Baby Pink Beaded Necklace



This baby pink beaded necklace is so delicate and pretty! I think that it would be beautiful worn with a crisp white blouse and also extra sassy worn with turquoise or even red.

This vintage necklace is made of baby pink beads, pale pink beads, white beads, white faux pearls and silver hardware. Some of the pink beads are marbled with white and slightly translucent. There are three strands of beads, each descending in length. All of the beads alternate with each other. Finally, this necklace is signed “HONG KONG” on the hook clasp.

This baby pink beaded necklace is 2″ wide (at its widest point, as it lays naturally). The shortest strand is 19″ long and the longest strand is 22″ long. And finally, both of these measurements include the hook clasp and extension beads, which are 3.75″ long.


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