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Black and White Earrings
These black and white earrings are such great ones to own! They are big enough without being too big. And they go with just about any outfit. These remind me of earrings from the early 1980's (which I love). These earrings are made of black beads, white beads, rhinestones and gold detail. There is an oval-shaped white bead at the top of the earrings and a black one at the bottom. Between these two beads are two gold bars with three rhinestones between them. The black and white beads are trimmed in gold. These earrings are gold-based. These black and white earrings are 1.1" wide (at their widest point) and 2.25" long. They are for pierced ears (hook backs).  
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Neutral Earrings
These neutral earrings are one of my favorite pair! I love them because they are simple without being boring. They most certainly will complete any outfit with beauty and grace. They are black and white with shades in between, which I adore because you just cannot go wrong. And they easily transition from day to night. Wear them alone during the day and with a bold necklace at night. They are fantastic for work and for play! These earrings are made of faux white pearls, black faceted beads, black and white marbled beads, grey and gold marbled beads, gold filigree bead caps and gold hardware. The earrings are a round button shape made up of the aforementioned beads. The center bead is the black faceted bead. It is slightly larger than the other beads. There are two faux white pearl beads, two black and grey marbled beads and one grey and gold marbled bead surrounding the larger black bead. Each of the six beads on the outside have a gold filigree bead cap. Each of these earrings are signed "HONG KONG" on the clips. These earrings are gold-based. These neutral earrings are 1" in diameter. They have clip backs. The clips are placed at the base of the earrings.  
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