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Blue Fan Earrings
These blue fan earrings are such a beautiful pair to own! First of all, the color scheme is so unique and pretty. Also, the various stones are beautiful. And, you can wear these to work and play, which is always a plus! These vintage earrings are made of textured blue and white ombre cabochons, aquamarine stones, sapphire stones, topaz stones, emerald stones, ruby cabochons, dull silver leaves and silver hardware. These stones and cabochons are various shapes and sizes. They trail along one side of the blue and white cabochon. And finally, these earrings are signed with the "FLORENZA" signature. It is placed across the back sides of the ruby cabochons. These blue fan earrings are .9" wide (at their widest point) and 1.25" tall. And lastly, they have clip backs, which are placed at the bottoms.  
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