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Pink Cardigan
This vintage pink cardigan is a blush pink color with beaded flowers and vines. There are translucent white beads and clear beads with a silver center. There is a diagonal design around the front of the neck just under the collar. Each side of this cardigan has one beaded flower with leaves. The flower and leaves are made with the same translucent white beads and clear beads with a silver center. There are three translucent white beads above the flower. There are nine pearlized pink buttons down the front of the cardigan. It is an Emp-Lon by Empire cardigan. The tag states that it is luxury knitwear. This pink cardigan is a 4-6/Medium in size. Condition: Very Good. There are three tiny picks on the right sleeve (near the wrist) and five on the right wrist. Shoulders: 16.5" across, measured from shoulder seam to shoulder seam. Bust: 17.75" Waist: 14.5" Sleeves: 3" at the end of the wrist with a 16" inseam. Length: 21" from the shoulder to the bottom of the waistband These measurements have been taken with the cardigan laying flat.  
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Striped Jacket, Vintage Clothes, Vintage Jacket, Vintage Cardigan, Striped Cardigan
Striped Jacket
This striped jacket is so pretty and fun. The colors are amazing. They are so bright and different. I also love this jacket for its versatility. Wear it open or with one flap wrapped across the other and attached with a beautiful brooch. This vintage jacket is a cotton material with no hardware. There are no buttons or zippers; one flap simply lays across the other flap. There are no labels or tags. Condition: Excellent. There are no visible flaws or discolorations. Bust: 16.25" Waist: 13" Sleeves: 6.25" with a 2.5" inseam Length: 20" All measurements were taken with the jacket laying flat and closed (one flap over the other).  
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