Black Rhinestone Bracelet, Vintage Bracelet, Unsigned Weiss, Hollywood Glam, Black Bracelet
Black Rhinestone Bracelet
Black Rhinestone Bracelet: This vintage bracelet is made of black bakelite-like plastic and rhinestones. I believe it is an unsigned Weiss bracelet. It has a clasp and opens on one side to your wrist. Dimensions: .75" wide 6" around, measured on the inside  
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Blue Stone Bracelet, Aquamarine Bracelet, Vintage Bracelet, vintage jewelry
Blue Stone Bracelet
We love this blue stone bracelet! It is classic, elegant, and stunning. This bracelet is made of aquamarine rhinestones, iridescent rhinestones, opalescent blue stones, and pale blue stones. There is one oval, smoke-colored stone in the middle that is surrounded by the other stones in various shapes and sizes. These stones are between two rows of aquamarine stones, one row on each side. This bracelet is silver-based. This blue stone bracelet is .75" wide and 7.1" long, including the fold-over clasp, which is 1.1" long.  
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Brass Bangle Bracelet, Vintage Bracelet, Brass Bracelet, 1980s Jewelry, Brass Bracelet
Brass Bangle Bracelet
Brass Bangle Bracelet: Made of engraved brass and mother-of-pearl. This slides over the wrist. Dimensions: .75" wide 8" around, measured on the inside  
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Faux Ivory Bracelet, Ivory Bracelet, Vintage Bracelet, Vintage Bangle Bracelet, Flowered Bracelet, Carved Bracelet
Faux Ivory Bracelet
I love this faux ivory bracelet so much! I love it for several reasons. One is that it is a truly classic, graceful and timeless beauty. Another is that it goes with everything. Wear it with jeans and a casual top or wear it with a cocktail dress. And lastly, it is easy to wear. Just throw it on and go! This vintage bracelet is made of faux ivory, gold and gold hardware. There are two pieces that are joined in the front center with a tab insert clasp and small security chain and hinged together in the back. Carved faux ivory covers both of the gold bases. The ivory is carved into a flowered pattern of four large roses surrounded by smaller daisies and leaves. Additionally, this bracelet is signed "HONG KONG" near the back hinge. And finally, this bracelet is in excellent condition. There are no visible flaws.  
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Lilac Shell Bracelet, Lilac Bracelet, Vintage Bracelet, Bangle Bracelet, Vintage Bangle Bracelet, Purple Bracelet
Lilac Enamel Bracelet
Lilac Enamel Bracelet: Made of enamel and lilac shell. This vintage bangle bracelet slides onto your wrist. Dimensions: .5" wide 8" around  
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Multi Strands Pearl Bracelet, Vintage Pearl Bracelet, Vintage Bracelet, Vintage Bracelet
Multi Strands Pearl Bracelet
Multi Strands Pearl Bracelet: Made of oblong ivory pearls and silver hardware. This has a toggle clasp and ring. Dimensions: 1.3" wide 7.75" long, including the clasp and ring  
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Pink Enamel Bracelet, Vintage Bracelet
Pink Enamel Bracelet
Pink Enamel Bracelet: Made of enamel and pale pink shell. This vintage bangle bracelet slides onto your wrist. Dimensions: .3" wide 8" around  
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Shell Cuff Bracelet, Vintage Bracelet, 1980s Jewelry, Retro Bracelet, Black and White Bracelet
Shell Cuff Bracelet
Shell Cuff Bracelet: Made of shell. This has an opening on the back side. Dimensions: 1.3" wide 6.5" (shell only) and 8.25" long (including the opening)  
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