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Bright Pink Lingerie Bag
This bright pink lingerie bag is so pretty and sassy, but still ladylike! It's timeless, too. It will never go out of style. I was so excited when I found this. It has been a while since I have seen one and you just don't see them very often anymore, unfortunately. This is the perfect gift for the high school or college graduate. With the proper care, she will have it for years to come. This vintage lingerie bag is made of a satin material, satin ribbon and light filling. There are two layers of satin material with light filling between them (this gives the bag a little bit of padding). The inner satin is baby pink and the outer satin is bright pink with baby pink lace. The lace runs diagonally across the width of the bag. There is an opening halfway down one side of the bag. There is a bright pink satin ribbon tie that is attached to the front and the back side of the bag (two ties total). The ties are attached in the middle at the top of the bag. This bag is signed "Schiaparelli". The tag is attached at the top of the opening on the side of the bag. This bright pink lingerie bag is 10.5" wide and 8.5" tall.  
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Hosiery Case, Vintage Hosiery Bag, Vintage Bag, Never Used Vintage Case, Handiform, Hosiery Case with Valet, Hosiery Bag, Vintage Hosiery Bag with Valet
Hosiery Case
Hosiery Case: Black hosiery case with blue piping in its original box with original accessories and directions.  
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Pink Lingerie Bag
This pink lingerie bag is so pretty! It is delicate, just like the underthings that you carry inside it. I was excited to find this. It had been a long time since I had seen one. It's a perfect gift for the new high school or college graduate. This vintage lingerie bag is made of white lace, a pale pink rayon-blended material (with a satin-like feel), faux white pearls and silver hardware. The base layer is the pale pink rayon-blended material (50% nylon, 27% rayon and 23% polyester). It is covered with white lace. The front flap is embellished with small round faux white pearls. The bag is trimmed in a pale pink scalloped design. There are two tags on the inside of the bag. One states the care instructions and style number. The other states the brand name "Barbizon". There is a silver snap that closes this lingerie bag at the bottom of the front flap. This pink lingerie bag is 10" wide and 5.75" tall, closed. When opened, it is 10.5" tall. It has a flexible depth as there are no hard materials to keep it from opening, but 6" depth is as far as I would open it (without force).  
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