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Mint Rock Bracelet
Mint Rock Bracelet: Made of mint rock and beads and gold beads and hardware. This is a stretch bracelet, so there is no clasp. Dimensions: 1.8" wide and 1.25" tall (rock) 7" around, unstretched  
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Three Gold Links Neutrals Bracelet, Neutral Bracelet, Neutral Rocks Bracelet, Rocks Bracelet, Mint Bracelet
Three Gold Links Neutrals Bracelet
Three Gold Links Neutrals Bracelet: Made of three textured matte gold rings and beads and various shades of neutral-colored beads. This bracelet is an elastic one that slides onto our wrist. Dimensions: .8" wide 6.5" around  
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Turquoise Rocks Bracelet, Turquoise Rock Bracelet, Turquoise Bracelet, Mint Bracelet, Turquoise Jewelry
Turquoise Rocks Bracelet
Turquoise Rocks Bracelet: Made of turquoise rocks, gold beads, and mint beads. This bracelet is elastic, so it slips onto your wrist. Dimensions: 1" wide 6" around  
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