Clear Blue Necklace,Blue Necklace,Blue Crystal Necklace, Blue and Clear Necklace
Clear Blue Necklace
This clear blue necklace is one of my favorite necklaces! It is simple enough to wear with any outfit, but bold enough to make a delicate statement. This vintage necklace is made of blue beads, clear beads, a gold chain and gold hardware. The pale blue beads are transparent and are all engraved with a line design. The crystal clear beads are faceted. The beads alternate with each other. They are strung on a tiny gold chain. This necklace is gold-based. This clear blue necklace is .5" wide and 16.25" long, including the hook clasp and extension bead, which are .75" long.  
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Ribbon Necklace, Pink and Blue Necklace, Blue Necklace, Pink Beaded Necklace, Pink Beaded Necklace, Pink Necklace, Pale Pink Necklace
Ribbon Necklace
This ribbon necklace is such a unique and pretty one. The colors and textures are so pretty together. And it is versatile, too. Wear it wrapped tightly or loosely or wear it simply hanging. Wear it shorter or longer. Wear it with a low-back blouse for a dramatic and sexy look. This is so pretty with a big rhinestone brooch attached to the lower side, too! This necklace is made of two vintage necklaces and satin ribbon. One of the necklaces is made of baby blue beads and gold beads. The other necklace is made of pale ice pink beads, milky pale ice pink beads, baby pink faux pearls, pale ice pink and silver beads, clear beads, gold filigree bead caps. The necklace ties with a light grey satin ribbon. This ribbon necklace is 1.75" wide (the four strands lying flat) and 72.5" long. The beaded portion of the necklace is 15" long. The ribbon is 1" wide.  
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Turquoise Cuff Necklace, Turquoise Necklace, Turquoise Jewelry, Blue Necklace, Blue Jewelry
Turquoise Cuff Necklace
  This turquoise cuff necklace is so pretty! We love its simplicity and ease, but also love that it makes a bold and graceful statement. This necklace is made of gold chains, gold bar beads, and turquoise and gold bar beads. The two chains lead to a cuff of the gold bar beads and the turquoise and gold bar beads. The turquoise and gold bar beads has textured turquoise beads laying on a gold bar. Some have three turquoise beads and some have four turquoise beads. These bar beads alternate with each other along the cuff part of this necklace. This necklace is gold-based. This turquoise cuff necklace is 20" long, including the lobster clasp and extension chain, which are 3.5" long. The cuff part of this necklace is 9" wide and 1.4" tall.  
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