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Black and White Necklace
This black and white necklace is fantastic! It goes with every outfit and is very easy to wear. We love a throw-it-on-and-go piece that is as pretty as this one is. This vintage necklace is made of white beads and black caps. There are two sizes of white beads. The larger white beads have a black cap on each end. These alternate with the smaller white beads, which also have black caps on each end. This necklace is silver-based. This black and white necklace is .6" wide (at its widest point) and 23.75" long, including the lobster clasp and extension chain, which are 3.25" long. * I have replaced the clasp and added the extension chain.  
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Black Marquise Earrings, Black and White Earrings, Jekyll and Hyde, black and white jewelry, Black and White
Black Marquise Earrings
These black marquise earrings are so pretty! We especially love them because they go with just about any outfit. These earrings are made of black and white beads, opalescent beads, grey translucent beads, and small gold detail. Each earring is topped with a teardrop-shaped opalescent bead. This bead is surrounded by marquise-shaped translucent grey and white beads and small, round opalescent beads at the bottom. The bottom sections are made of a marquise-shaped opalescent bead that is centered by tiny gold detail and marquise-shaped white, opalescent, black, and translucent grey beads. These earrings are gold-based. These black marquise earrings are 1.5" wide (at their widest point) and 2.75" long. They are for pierced ears (post backs).  
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Weiss Earrings, Vintage Earrings, Black and White Earrings, Black and White, Signed Vintage Jewelry, Vintage, Weiss, Vintage Weiss Jewelry
Weiss Earrings
These Weiss earrings are so pretty! We love the delicacy of these simple, yet stunning, earrings. Plus, you just cannot go wrong with black and white. These vintage earrings are made of black stones and white opalescent beads. Each earring has three white opalescent, marquise-shaped beads on top of one round black stone. Each of these earrings are signed "WEISS" on the back sides of the clips. These earrings are silver-based. These Weiss earrings are .8" wide (at their widest point) and 1.1" tall. They have clip backs. * One of the white beads has a discreet brown mark towards the top of the bead. I believe this mark is due to age.  
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