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Art Deco Rhinestone Earrings
These art deco rhinestone earrings are absolutely stunning! They are graceful and elegant, a true testament to time. These vintage earrings are made of rhinestones in various shapes and sizes. Most of the rhinestones are round, some are pear-shaped, and some are baguettes. The round rhinestones form an arrow shape at the top and fall into three tassels. Each tassel is made of round rhinestones with a baguette and pear-shaped rhinestone at the bottom. Each earring has an arrow-shaped design made of baguette rhinestones with a pear-shaped rhinestone in the middle. This design lays on top at the top of the tassels. These earrings are silver-based. These art deco rhinestone earrings are .6" wide and 2.5" long (at their longest point, the middle tassel). They have screw backs.  
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