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Purple Print Shirt
This purple print shirt is such a pretty piece of clothing to own for so many reason! One is that it is just so unique and eye-catching. This shirt will certainly get some attention. Another is that the colors are beautiful. The color combination is one that you may not think of, but they go together beautifully. Also, the print is really pretty. And lastly, I love this shirt because it does not need much else. It stands on its own. I think that it would be fantastic with a crisp black pencil skirt and some gold hoop earrings. You cannot get much easier than that! This shirt is made of material (polyester, I believe) and buttons. The material is purple, fuchsia, golden yellow, red, white and black. The print consists rows of color with different colored flowers trailing on the inside (of the rows). There are five pearlescent purple buttons on the front and two on each cuff band. Each side of the waist has a 5" open slit. There are two labels on the inside of this shirt. One states "alex colman CALIFORNIA" and the other states the care instructions. Condition: Very Good. Due to the right (when wearing it) seam being slightly pulled. This is not noticeable unless you are looking for it. Bust: 20" Waist: 18.5" Hips: 20" Length: 28.5" including the 2" collar Sleeves: 6.5" wide with a 17.25" inseam including the 2.5" cuff band. All measurements were taken with this purple print shirt laying flat.  
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