White Pearls Necklace, Pearl Necklace, Pearls Necklace, Vintage Pearls, Audrey Hepburn
White Pearls Necklace
This white pearls necklace is such a great piece to own! It is such a basic and classic necklace. Wear it alone or wear it stacked with another necklace. You cannot go wrong with a basic pearl necklace. This vintage necklace is made of faux white pearls and silver hardware. The pearls are white with a slight shimmer to them. They are round and graduate in size. There is a knot between each pearl. There is a small finishing pearl at the end of the clasp, too, for extra decoration. This necklace is silver-based. This white pearls necklace is .75" wide (at its widest point, the center pearl) and 18.75" long, including the lobster clasp and extension chain, which are 3" long.  
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White Pentagon Necklace, Vintage Necklace, Gold and White Necklace, Gold and White Medallion Necklace, Vintage Gold and White Necklace
White Pentagon Necklace
White Pentagon Necklace: This vintage necklace is made of gold and white metal, gold chains and gold hardware. This has a spring clasp and ring. Dimensions: Chain: .10" wide 24" long including the clasp and ring Medallion: 2" wide 2.6 long  
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White Starfish Earrings, Vintage White Earrings, White Earrings, Starfish Earrings, Shoe Clips
White Starfish Earrings
White Starfish Earrings: These vintage earrings are made of white plastic and gold hardware. These have clip backs. Dimensions: 2.5" in diameter  
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Whites Beaded Necklace, White Beaded Necklace, White Necklace, Vintage White Necklace
Whites Beaded Necklace
Whites Beaded Necklace: Made of white, pearlescent, and clear beads and gold hardware. Dimensions: 2" wide, as it lays naturally 18.25" long (the shortest strand)  
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X Rhinestone Earrings, Vintage Jewelry, Vintage Costume Jewelry
X Rhinestone Earrings
We adore these X rhinestone earrings! These vintage earrings are made of small round rhinestones. There are three columns of rhinestones with a rhinestone "x" at the top. These earrings are silver-based. These X rhinestone earrings are .7" wide (at their widest point) and 1.75" tall. They have clip backs.  
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Yellow Flowers Necklace, Hand Painted Pendant, Yellow Flowers Pendant, Flowers Pendant
Yellow Flowers Necklace
This yellow flowers necklace is so pretty and sweet. It is simple, but not so much that it cannot stand on its own. This vintage necklace is made of a gold chain, a plaster pendant, and gold hardware. The pendant is an oval-shaped off white pendant. It has a hand-painted flower scene on it. There are four golden yellow flowers with brown pistils among dark green grass. The back side has the initials ZIT painted on it. This necklace is gold-based. This yellow flowers necklace is 18.25" long, including the spring clasp and ring. The pendant is 1.25" wide (at its widest point) and 2" long. * The chain is not vintage.  
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