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Each piece of our vintage jewelry is so pretty! Every piece here is classic and timeless.

There are many reasons that we love vintage jewelry. One of the reasons is because every piece is unique. It is rare that you will find two of the same pieces of any piece of vintage jewelry. Of course, every lady likes to be the only one wearing that special piece of jewelry. Another reason we love vintage jewelry is because of its story. Every piece has its own story. A story that you can add to and carry on for years to come.

We provide beautiful vintage jewelry that is unique and in good condition. We carefully inspect each piece of jewelry before buying it to make sure it is of good quality. As expected, most vintage jewelry shows some signs of wear due to it being more than 25 years old. We note any abnormal wear-and-tear in the item description. We carefully clean each of our vintage pieces before we list them for sale.


Vintage Jewelry Care:

You may clean vintage jewelry with a soft, damp cloth or a cotton swab. You may use lukewarm water or jewelry cleaner, if you prefer (follow their instructions). Lay the jewelry flat to air dry.

Tip: I open the clips on the back of earrings so that they dry more thoroughly.

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