Vintage-Inspired Jewelry, Retro Jewelry, Statement Jewelry

We love the vintage-inspired jewelry that is listed here! Each piece is new, but looks vintage. We love the classic, retro look of this jewelry and know that you will, too.

We are particular when selecting this jewelry as we want to provide unique jewelry that is delicate, yet bold. Some of these pieces are more subtle while some are more of a statement. Each of these pieces of jewelry tell a story, your story. We are thrilled to be a small part in your telling it.

No matter what kind of vintage-inspired jewelry you’re looking for, we have it. We know that you will have as much fun choosing your new jewelry as we had in selecting it!


Vintage-Inspired Jewelry Care:

You may clean this jewelry using lukewarm water and a soft, damp cloth or a cotton swab. Or you can use jewelry cleaner, if you prefer (follow their instructions). Lay the jewelry flat to air dry.

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