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Each piece of our handmade jewelry was designed and made by S’leeney’s. We have designed each of these pieces to portray ladylike elegance with a quiet and delicate force, to speak loudly in a subtle way. After all, every lady likes to be noticed when walking into a room.

We have carefully crafted each of these pieces of jewelry with great detail and meticulous precision. They are made with vintage fabrics, new fabrics, vintage jewelry components, new jewelry components, vintage beads, and new beads.

Every piece of the handmade jewelry here is unique; no two are alike. No matter which piece(s) you purchase, you will be the only lady who has it. Who doesn’t love something different, right?


Handmade Jewelry Care:

You may spot-clean this jewelry with a soft, damp cloth or a cotton swab (for the hardware and jewels). Lay the jewelry flat to air dry.

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