Read about us here! This is S’leeney’s history of how we started our business selling vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry, accessories, and clothes.

I have always had a weakness for accessories, especially vintage ones. What can I say? I love to have something beautiful and unique. I love the stories that go with vintage pieces. I love to imagine what the day was like for the lady who was wearing that pretty piece. I love to imagine the old stories while remembering my own and passing them on to others.

I’ve always loved vintage clothing (what decade would you go back to?), children’s vintage clothing (smocked clothes are so timeless), linens, books, glassware, and the list goes on. I love things from yesteryear. I love the timeless elegance and the simplicities of days gone by.

I grew up surrounded by antiques and traditions passed down from one generation to another. I still have (and wear!) some of my mom’s jewelry from the 1950’s and 60’s. I have (and wear!) some of her clothes from the early 1960’s. I even got married in her wedding dress from 1963. My love of smocking also came from my mom. I still have dresses that she smocked and made for me years ago. They have been through myself, a cousin, and numerous nieces and they still look great!

Several years ago, I started selling my handmade smocked clothes. This led me to start S’leeney’s. Not long after, I added my handmade jewelry and accessories to my list of items for sale. I have since re-directed S’leeney’s to include vintage jewelry and vintage-inspired jewelry. And now, because we have grown so much, we even have some items that are on sale!

I hope that you find something here that you will love; Something unique that you will wear and feel great in; Something that you will pass down to your children; A pretty piece of jewelry, a handmade dress, and, most importantly, your own story to be told to future generations; your own special memories; Perhaps even something that will carry its own traditions from you to your loved ones for years to come!

And, most importantly, thanks so much for stopping in and reading about us. We would not be here without you and we appreciate you!